You’ve Been Buying Fake Salt For Years! Here Is What You Need To Know

If you like your food a bit salty, you probably spend a small fortune believing it is sea salt. Moreover, sea salt became more popular the moment it was confirmed to be healthier than regular table salt. This brought many fake brands on the market, which means you should carefully pick your sea salt.

The big sea salt scam. Labels sometimes lie!

Many people cannot imagine eating their food without enough salt, and that should not surprise you at all, since salt is as old as this world. But, this applies to sea salt only, not the table trash that you get from the supermarket.

There are many sea salt brands in the markets, and even more products that have been seasoned with it. It is all good, because it seems like we are doing things fine.

‘The F.D.A. mandates that any salt, which does not have iodine added (at the chemical plant) must bear a warning label. It must state, “This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient”. Consequently, all sea salt distributors must lie on their label.

Unadulterated sea salt typically contains more iodide than iodized table salt. Iodide is a combination of salt and iodine and it should be actually called ‘potassium iodine,’ as stated in the Health Wyze report. Iodine in sea salt brands is actually abused, and the false labelling goes in favor of producers. Iodine in table salt is not as healthy as the one that is added to sea salt, since it is stripped of all the trace minerals that are naturally contained in sea salt.

What do you get when you buy sea salt? What is real sea salt made of?

Sea salt is processed less than other salts, and is obtained through evaporation of ocean water, which means it preserves most of the trace minerals that are naturally found in the water. Unlike sea salt, table salt goes through heavy processing and it is obtained from underground salt deposits. White sea salt and table salt have the same amount of sodium chloride. So, next time you buy anything that has been seasoned with ‘sea salt’ consider that you are ‘consumed’ by the same sea salt scam.

Avoid the big sea salt scam

Always look for brownish, sandy colored salt, or any non-white colored salt. That is one of the ways to get the real stuff.

Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest salt in the world. It is pink, and it packs 84 minerals and trace minerals. These are the very same minerals that are contained in the human body.

Celtic sea salt is another great alternative, since it is authentic and unprocessed whole salt. It contains about 100 microminerals. It comes from clay layers in salt flats, which is why it is light greyish.

Source: Best Healthy Guide


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