Your Breakfast is The Best Diet: If You Consume These Groceries Every Morning, You Will Get a Perfect Shape Until The Summer

As you probably know, the breakfast is supposed to represent the most important meal of the day.your-breakfast-is-the-best-diet-if-you-consume-these-groceries-every-morning-you-will-get-a-perfect-shape-until-the-summer

But did you know that breakfast is the great ally of all those who want to get rid of excess weight?

Many people know how important it is to have a breakfast in the morning, immediately after waking up, and then to start with the everyday tasks. But many still do not know what exactly should be the breakfast consisted of, and therefore, they get hungry very soon and the stomach begins to “rumble” in the early morning hours.

As nutritionists argue, it is not all the same what your breakfast is, especially if you want to successfully lose weight. The best choice for breakfast is oat pulp, which is also suggested by recent research published in the journal “Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism”.

The survey encompassed 36 men and women, who were divided into three different groups. The first group ate oat pulp, the second -- cornflakes( cereals), while the third skipped breakfast and drank only water. Both the first and second group consumed only 350 calories in total.

In the next three hours, the participants had to record, on several occasions, their record general feeling of satiety, and gave blood samples used to monitor their blood sugar and insulin levels. After that, they all received the same lunch that could be consumed until they finally feel satiety.

It turned out that the group of people who ate oatmeal for breakfast was the least hungry during the morning and the afternoon, and ate 31 percent fewer calories for lunch than others. Moreover, the oat pulp had optimal action precisely in those with weight issues. They consumed even 50 percent fewer calories during lunch.

The respondents who ate cornflakes for breakfast felt hungry already after three hours, just like the ones who drank only water and both these groups ate the same number of calories for lunch.

What is the reason for this, regarding the fact that respondents ate the same calorific value of corn flakes and oatmeal? It is due to the fact that oatmeal lasts longer in the stomach, while cornflakes (which has high sugar levels) causes a sharp rise in blood glucose, but its quick and dramatic decline as well.

This research is just one in a series that confirm how beneficial oatmeal is to get rid of excess weight, because those 31 and 50 percent less calories entered will certainly be felt and noticed after some time.

But why oat precisely?

Oats and its products, like pulps and flakes, are extremely healthy, but also exceedingly favorable. If you think that oats pulp can be eaten for breakfast only, you are wrong. It can be mixed with almost all dishes, as addition, added in pottages or salads or over various sweets. It could be the basis of a number of healthy desserts and pastries.

Satiety for a longer period of time

Fibers that oats contain increase the volume of the consumed quantity in our digestive system, causing satiety for a longer period. Moreover, thanks to the fibers, the digestion is encouraged as it stimulates metabolism, and therefore, it is an ideal food for all those who want to lose weight.

Lowers cholesterol

Because it is rich in healthy fiber, oatmeal has properties of binding the fat to itself and thus reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. In this way, it protects the health of the heart and blood vessels, and reduces the risk of occurrence of heart attack or stroke.

Lowers blood pressure

Of all foods that can lower blood pressure, the oatmeal is one of the most powerful ones. The effective ingredient in oatmeal is lignan, a plant fiber, and studies show that a regular consumption can reduce the blood pressure by 30 percent.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Foods that represent whole grains, including oat flakes, reduce the risk of bowel cancer, and this was shown by numerous studies published in the British Medical Journal. Moreover, studies have shown that oats reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate and ovary cancer.

It has an extremely favorable price

You will not need a lot of money to purchase one kilogram oat flakes that will last for more than seven days. Even those ones with certified organic origin will not cost much. Thus, this food will satisfy both, your stomach and your wallet.


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