You’ll Never Go to Bed without Putting Lemon Peel on Your Heel Again after Reading This!

One of the worst things after a long winter and before the season of summer sandal is CRACKED HEELS.youll-never-go-to-bed-without-putting-lemon-peel-on-your-heel-again-after-reading-this

You surely tried creams, peels, rubbing stone, but all of them require a lot of effort, persistence and money, and the worst of all they do not give any results. The best solution is already in your house and you never think of it – LEMON!

Pick a lemon that is large enough to cover the heel, and squeeze it. Make lemonade from the juice itself, and fix your heel skin by using the peel.

At the beginning maybe it will be strange, but soon you will get used to it. Put half of the peel on the heel and make sure that it is fully covered.

When you place the lemon it will react on the roughest parts so wear socks to keep it in place. The juice will act as a chemical peel, removing the dry and chapped skin.

Try to keep the lemon for at least one hour, and it would be ideal if you can keep it overnight -- it is easiest. Walking with lemon halves on the heels is really complicated.

Maybe you think that this is another gimmick that will not do anything, but trust me the results are surprising! Your heels will be much softer only after one night. All the cracked parts will vanish, and you need only to apply a cream so it will look as you got a pedicure.

Repeat the treatment several times if you have more persistent cases of cracked heels. And also you have another option when not doing this: feel free to apply a chopped onion.

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