You Thought That Only The Fruit Is Beneficial For Your Health, But Its Leaf Treats Various Diseases

Although only a few have tried it, guava is a popular fruit, rich in vitamins A and C, healthy fiber, potassium and

However, apart from its beneficial fruit, the leaves of this plant can be very useful. Therefore, we will introduce several facts about guava leaves, which are really important:

Cardiovascular benefits

According to numerous studies, the natural compounds found in guava leaves help reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Several small clinical studies also showed that the consumption of guava leaf tea may also improve blood lipids.

Appetite control

Guava leaves have suppressant properties and when extracted with hot water, they stop carbohydrates from turning into sugar and in that way suppress appetite. Consequently, the consumption of guava leaf tea can help you lose weight. Furthermore, this tea can also help diabetics control the amount of sugar that is hitting their blood stream.

Diarrhea relief

A great number of studies have shown that the guava leaf tea is also extremely effective in the treatment of diarrhea, as it has strong antimicrobial properties.

Therefore, as this fruit can really help you in the case of certain health issues, do not forget to buy this fruit next time you go grocery shopping!


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