You Remove Your Makeup With Wet Handkerchiefs? You Must Read This!

That may seem as the real solution since it is easy and simple. You wipe the makeup in a several moves with the handkerchief and you thing all is

Removing makeup using a handkerchief may seem to be the right solution, but there are a lot of harmful effects behind it.

Women have struggled long for products for removing makeup, since they often cause more harm than benefit. The biggest problem is to find a suitable cosmetic product that will be good for your skin type. That is the reason why a lot of ladies do not dedicate much attention on facial skin after applying makeup. Face milk and moisturizing sponges fell into oblivion when wet handkerchiefs for removing makeup appeared on the market. A lot of women started using them.

That may seem as the real solution since it is easy and simple. You make a few moves over the face with the handkerchief, you remove the makeup and you believe you are completely done.

However, did you know that exactly those handkerchiefs cause the creation of acne, pimples and wrinkles on the face? Many studies have shown that they do not clean the skin thoroughly, but distribute the dirt that has accumulated during the day on the skin. Besides, the liquid in which they are dipped may contain substances that are not suitable for your skin.

Problems also rise when you wipe waterproof mascara or eye shadows, since you make sudden and harsh movements which may create small wrinkles around the eyes.

The irritation of the thin skin around eyes creates redness, swelling and subcutaneous acne. To prevent this, the best solution is to keep wet handkerchiefs on the skin only for a few seconds, so it can soak in their liquid. In that way, you will dissolve your makeup and it will be easier to remove.



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