You Have Problems With Kidney Stones? Here Is How To Naturally Cleanse Your Kidneys!

Kidneys carry one of the most important functions in the body. They are responsible for the elimination of toxins and excess salt. But, they could also use a hand in this, especially if it is in the form of detoxification. Salt and toxins tend to accumulate in

Oftentimes, they are burdened with sand and stones as well. Consider eliminating such deposits to prevent any further complications.

Try this cleansing recipe and get your kidneys functioning properly:


  • a handful parsley / coriander leaves
  • purified water


Coarsely chop the herbs, and place them in a saucepan. Pour just enough water to cover the leaves. Boil the liquid for 10 minutes. Take the saucepan off the heat and let it cool at room temperature. Make sure it has a lid on.
Drink a cup of your healing preparation every day.

This could easily turn into herbal tea. All you have to do is let the liquid rest covered for 30 minutes.
You should notice how your urine has changed. It is because of the proper elimination of toxins from your kidneys.
Be especially careful if you believe that you have kidney stones. Parsley tea ‘moves’ stones around, and you may have to consult your doctor. But, it is not the only liquid you should drink throughout the day. Your kidneys need plenty of fresh water and healthy juices.

Lemons and watermelon have also shown to cleanse kidneys. Olive oil eases the elimination of kidney stones.
We suggest that you try this safe and natural drink, but keep in mind that it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Drink it twice a month, and implement it into your regular detox treatment. Parsley tea is also great for those who deal with menstrual cramps and pain.

Source: Healthy Food House


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