You Have It At Home And You Use It Regularly, Without Knowing That It Is The Largest Source Of Bacteria

As it may sound contradictory, the dirtiest thing in the home is constantly under water and in

The clinical professor of microbiology, Philippe Thierry, claims something that nobody knows, and it is about daily hygiene.

He argues that the dirtiest item in the household is precisely the kitchen sponge.

The sponge is full of holes where all impurities are retained, as well as even undesirable microorganisms. When you wash your dishes, pieces of food remain stuck in the cracks, and because the sponge remains wet and dries slowly, a new bacterium is developed every 20 minutes, explains Dr. Thierry.

As he argues, the best way is disinfection with chlorine bleach.

The solution should be mixed with water in a ratio 1: 9 and the sponge should be dipped in it for a several minutes.

Then you need to drain it well and dry it. Before next use, first rinse it and then wash the dishes.


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