You Have Been Going To The Bathroom Wrong All Your Life And That Endangers Your Health

People in the past that defecated naturally, had no problems with the occurrence of hemorrhoids, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and other diseases, that are commonly associated with improper seating in the

Today, toilets are used almost everywhere, which due to improper seating can cause several problems:

  1. Sequence of diseases

According to some studies, the seating position while defecating leads to hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and many other health problems.

  1. Modern toilets are the number one cause for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids appear when a vein located at the lower part of the colon gets infected, as well as a result of long sitting on ​​the toilet seat when defecating.

  1. Modern toilets exacerbate bowel inflammation

This way of sitting usually causes partial emptying of the colon and more common occurrence of various inflammatory processes in the intestine.

  1. Urinary infections

The same goes for urinating in women. The bladder never empties completely and inflammation of the urinary tract may occur.

  1. Linked to strokes

Some studies have shown that there is an increased chance of getting a heart attack during defecation because of the longer and stronger effort of the whole organism.

  1. Menstrual problems

With this kind of sitting, you do not fully pressure the pelvic muscles and part of the menstrual fluid remains in the vagina, which can cause the appearance of staphylococci.

Solution: If you have any problems during urinating or defecating, it is advisable to use an additional chair which will bring your body in a position that is similar to the natural.


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