You Are Making A Big Mistake If You Keep Your Eyes Open When You Put In Drops

The use of medications at a specific time and in the right way is not easy. Some drugs have to be taken on an empty stomach, others after meals, while some should not be drunk with

However, this is mainly where people make mistakes and it can have serious consequences.

In a report from 2009, published by the National Institute for Health and Care and updated in March, it is stated that half of the prescribed drugs are not taken properly, reports Daily Mail.

Do not close your eyes after putting in drops

The biggest mistake that people make is when they do not close their eyes after putting in drops, says Professor Francesca Kordeiro, a consultant ophthalmologist.

Pressing the finger on the inner channel of the eye for about two minutes is ideal – the tear duct closes after putting in drops and so prevents the liquid to go to the throat. If you can feel the drops, it signifies that they have reached your throat and that means you’ve lost most of the dose, “she says.

Eat foods with ibuprofen

Most people drink this medicine when they have a headache or feel pain in his chest. However, it is advisable to take it with food in order to prevent stomach damage.

This is a mistake, says gastroenterologist Ingvar Bjarnason, since the drug needs 45 minutes to act. “If you are taking medicine for a headache, you want the pain to go away quickly. If you take it on an empty stomach, you will feel the action in 15 minutes, “says the doctor.

Once you put the spray in the nose, you unconsciously snuffle

Usually, once people spray in the nose, they unconsciously sniff. “Thus spray retracts in the back of the throat and you practically eat it. This is one of the most common reasons why the spray does not work, “said Sophie Farouk, an allergy consultant. She says you need to breathe properly after you spray the drops. Another common mistake is closing one nostril while spraying.


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