Why My Grandmother Had No Cellulite? – Here Is The Answer

My grandmother Spasuna lived for 97 years. She died in her sleep. She did not suffer from serious diseases, had no high blood pressure, wore only long- sighted glasses.why-my-grandmother-had-no-cellulite-here-is-the-answer

For her height of 161 cm – her weight was 57 kg, without a single day of life spent undergoing a diet. According to her, starvation was “nonsense girls mistreat their body with and do not know how to enjoy the small joys of life.”

I think my grandmother experienced old age, because she sticked to a few simple rules.

  1. In the morning my grandmother drank herbal tea on an empty stomach. She did not know what soft drinks are, but at the expense of it, in her kitchen, in a special drawer in an old wooden cupboard, she kept a bag of dried herbs.

Cilantro, mint, thyme, marigold, nettle, rosehip … Grandma drank herbal drinks several times a day, without taking account of the season out. Even during the summer she wanted to make hot tea, which to my surprise, looked more refreshing than the coldest drink.

Later I understood the reason for this fact. The secret of the hot tea is simple -- it dilates blood vessels and increases perspiration, and it helps the excess heat to disappear. So that is the way the body cools. Therefore, in warm countries all people rink hot tea to cool.

  1. Grandma had breakfast one hour after her morning tea. Her breakfast, unlike the theory which states that this should be the heaviest meal of the day, was simple and small in quantity.

In spring and summer she had one or two fruits, which were currently in season, or slice of bread, homemade cottage cheese / cheese and tomato -- got directly from the garden.

  1. Grandma was not the most exotic cook in the world, but for lunch she always prepared a stew of “what we have.” Her meals were simple, with just a few products, but still very tasty.
  2. Grandma did not know today’s modern spices, but regularly used salt, parsley, thyme, mint, basil, rosemary …

She said that one should only use plants that grow in his homeland.

  1. Grandma rarely had something for dinner, but there was a special little glass which was no more than 50ml/1.6oz full with homemade brandy, which she wanted to drink slowly. She often joked that it was her sleeping pills. She didn’t refuse a glass of red wine as well.
  2. Grandma always ate seasonal food. In spring and summer it was fresh salads and fruit. In late autumn and winter – the same.

Her winter salads were made of beets, turnips, carrots, cabbage or some delicious homemade pickles.

We must not forget the apples and pears, which are consumed fresh or baked in the oven. In winter there was no Sunday without the baked pumpkin of grandma, which according to her was the perfect dessert.

  1. She always kept garlic and hot pepper on the table, if we ate something salty.

In the colder months of the year, she did something that she has also called a salad. In a bowl she poured raw tomato sauce, chopped fresh leeks and a tablespoon of oil. You cannot imagine how delicious it is.

  1. Baba rarely drank milk, but she gladly drank ayran and buttermilk. From dairy products, she loved home cottage cheese, cheese and butter. Yellow cheese was a luxury that was rarely present on her table.
  2. Grandma was not a vegetarian, but she always knew when to fast and strictly committed to it. She rarely ate meat.
  3. She and other grandmothers in the neighborhood had a ritual. Every Wednesday afternoon, they went in confectionery and compulsorily ordered two tulumbas and a large glass of boza.

On Saturday afternoon, they also gathered in the house of some of them, sipping Turkish coffee combined with homemade sweet. It was those two days a week, when my grandmother consumed anything that has refined sugar.

  1. Grandma never stood long in one place. Even in winter, when there was no work in the garden, she however found something to finish off, to be in the fresh air, and above all, to be in motion.
  2. And the last, but not the least. The mind of my grandmother was not too busy thinking of a career, making money and material wealth.

She lived from morning to night, day by day, day after day, so she was always in a good spiritual condition.

And after you’ve read this, you will say: “Yes, but she lived in another time, the food was different, stress was smaller and the environment- cleaner.” And you’re right, but that does not stop us from striving to live in a simple and healthier way, so as my favorite grandmother Spasuna did.


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