When’s the Last Time You Drained Your Lymph Fluids?

The lymph system acts as a sewage system for every metabolic toxin, and it is even more active when the body fights severe ailments.whens-the-last-time-you-drained-your-lymph-fluids

Our lymph nodes release antigens that eliminate tiny ‘enemies’ ranging from allergens to cancer cells and purify the lymph. Human bodies have more lymph than blood, but unlike our blood stream, there is no pump that will move around the lymph.

When the lymph fails to move out from tiny lymph nodes through the ducts in both kidneys and liver, it acts like a clogged sewer line. The nodes than become infected, and you get what most people know as ‘swollen glands.’

Keep in mind that the lymph nodes are not glands, but contaminated lymph fluid sure triggers an array of health problems, including a few life-threatening ailments.

If you spend long hours sitting in your comfy chair, you are more likely to deal with any health problem. You may eat healthy and do not watch TV that much, but if you have a desk job that involves using a computer, you still run a sedentary lifestyle. Insufficient physical activity or lack of exercising is also a common issue. Movement of any kind will benefit both your pulmonary and muscular health. Your lymph system needs a hand, you know.

Getting the lymph nodes in motion is of essential importance for women who wear wired bras and use aluminum-packed deodorants. Toxins like aluminum end up into the lymph nodes in this area that are located right under skin’s surface.

In other words, individuals who enjoy processed foods, soda, alcohol, and those who really love sitting throughout the entire day have a compromised immunity including clogged lymph fluid toxins that have to be drained and removed through the kidneys. Remember, sedentary lifestyle kills even health-conscious individuals who eat well and healthy.

The best methods to move your lymph fluid

Bouncing is excellent for this purpose, and it helps kidneys and other vitals to purify it. Find a mini-trampoline bouncer for a few bucks. It is something like a mini-trampoline that is about 4 feet in diameter.

It is set close to the ground, so you should just step up and bounce for 10-15 minutes. You can do this outdoors as well.

Have something to hold on if you are worried about your balance, and jump. Simple as that.

Every time you bounce in the air, you raise the gravitational pull on your lymph fluid. It is something like when you get low level ‘Gs’ or higher gravitational pulls while experiencing sudden changes in the vehicular speed or wild carnival rides.

Intense walking and gentle rebounding sets the ‘Gs’ in vertical alignment with the body and the entire lymph system.

It is even better if you can perform a rather difficult task like jumping a rope or half-court basketball, tennis or racquetball. Your lymph fluids will move like crazy, and your body will be more able to flush out toxins. Any activity that involves jumping and running is good for this purpose.

Rebounding or bouncing is recommended for those who have a desk job and have no time to enjoy any of the aforementioned physical activity. Set it nearby and bounce up and down during your break.

Although we live in an era of hyper-exercising, health experts still prefer the benefits of walking when it comes to moving the lymph. And no, it is not your regular window shopping walk, but brisk walks in nature. According to the latest research, walking can aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Do it outdoors and enjoy nature in its full glory. It could be in the park or in the woods, near a lake or ocean. Open fresh air will do miracles for you. Ayurveda says that nature is good for us. However, if the weather is not on your side that day, you can still go to the mall.

Walk for 20 minutes or more, and four times a week is great. Do it as briskly as you can, and switch to power walking whenever you can. Since number of lymph nodes in your upper body, i.e. armpits, neck or shoulders, is quite high, you should consider moving your arms more than usual.

Walking is more like a weight bearing activity. Gravity moves your lymph whenever you walk briskly and bound a bit. Moreover, sudden stop of each step with a full weight causes an additional gravitational pull, and brings the lymph downward.

Massaging can help you a lot as well. If you cannot afford a good massage, you can still rebound and walk. Drink plenty of purified water and give your kidneys and liver a hand in eliminating toxic lymph fluids from your system.

Source: Healthy Food Team


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