What Kind Of Belly Do You Have? Recognize It And Discover How To Get Rid Of It!

The belly is the area of ​​the body that most absorbs fat. If you are not part of those “lucky ones” who have a flat stomach, then check which in these five types of your belly your one belongs to and try to cut bad habits that affect its appearance.what-kind-of-belly-do-you-have-recognize-it-and-discover-how-to-get-rid-of-it

  1. Belly- “spare tire”

People who possess this type of tummy spend the day mostly in a sitting position. If you have this type of stomach you probably work office work and you prefer to spend the free time at home on the two-seater. People in this group are likely to have an emotional bond with food and alcohol.

Typical bad habits of this type are: little exercise; much time seating; consumption of carbohydrates in products such as white bread, pasta and rice and regular consumption of alcohol.

To get rid of the fat and strengthen the stomach it is necessary to reduce the amount of ingested alcohol. Alcohol in your body turns into sugar and prevents the digestion of other foods until the body is completely free of it. Avoid low-calorie “diet” snacks. Eat fresh foods such as fish, eggs and vegetables. Try to move more frequently. If you do paperwork, car park away from the workplace, so you can take a walk before arriving at work. Exercise more often. This does not mean that you should immediately begin the long and strenuous training. Do squats, push-ups or sit-ups every day.

  1. Stress belly

You are a perfectionist who tends to great achievements. Usually you may have a disorder of the intestines that causes bloating. The weight is typically concentrated in the front lower part of the abdomen. This type of stomach touch is hard when touched.

Typical bad habits of this type are: omission of meals, consuming large amounts of caffeine and eating fast food.

Try to go to bed earlier and sleep more. Sleep affects the production of the hormone leptin, which regulates appetite and metabolism. Learn to relax. Try to practice breathing exercises, meditation and longer baths that will help you in obtaining quality sleep. Reduce the amount of caffeine intake.

  1. Lower belly

This type of stomach most often is the case of working mothers who have hard work filled with many challenges. These persons may be dependent on the gym, but stick to the same routine of exercise and diet method. This routine makes them slim, but a small part of the stomach which “falls” down always remains.

Typical bad habit of this type is: hard workouts and making numerous abdominal flexors which burden the stomach and lower back. As a result, lower abdominal muscle weakens and goes forward, giving the typical appearance of the stomach which “protrudes”.

Healthy eating and large amount of fiber is essential to improve the digestive conditions of this type, so as not to cause further bloating of the stomach. Green vegetables and foods rich in fiber are ideal for this type of belly. Stop exercising abdominal muscles and move to isometric exercises that serve to strengthen the muscles. Lie with the face turned toward the floor and lift in a way that you tilt your elbows and toes. Stand upright in this position from a few seconds to a minute.

  1. Alaska belly

This type of stomach is characteristic of women who had just given birth and have very little time that they can devote to themselves.

Typical bad habits that have mothers at this stage are: Rapid return to strenuous exercise and burdening the body. They have increased resentment caused by their current look.

Give yourself time to restore the body to normal. Consume large amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Eat nuts every day. These groceries, apart from helping in losing unwanted body fat, will also help you in the absorption of vitamins from food and reducing fatigue. Do Kegel exercises because they will help to strengthen the abdominal muscles from the inside outward. Do 15 to 20 times in five series a day. Refrain from abdominal exercises because, the muscles called the linea alba found in the middle of the abdominal cavity are still weak and separated from the delivery. By doing abdominal exercises you can only cause further separation of these muscles.

  1. Bloated stomach

This type of stomach early in the morning, before the breakfast and the first cup of coffee, is flat, then quickly protrudes as a result of aggregated gases and reduced ability to digest food. In almost all cases, this type of stomach is due to intolerance of certain foods and allergic reactions.

The main bad habit of people with this type of belly is: Consuming food that you might know, or do not know, that you are intolerant to.

Intolerance usually develops on carbohydrates and foods rich in gluten. The key here is to try to experiment and to remove some of the foods that you consume daily for a certain period of time. If you notice a positive change in the appearance of your stomach, then it is best to eliminate these foods of your diet. Breakfast should be your biggest meal. Bloated stomach can be a result of damage to the intestinal microflora. Try to consume probiotic supplements more often and beer yeast that would bring the good bacteria in your stomach.


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