What Is The Relation Between Aging And The Soup From a Bag?

Scientists say there is a strong relation between these two….what-is-the-relation-between-aging-and-the-soup-from-a-bag

Foods with a high concentration of sugar, fats and salts accelerate aging because they damage the cells of our body, cause stress on the entire body, they accelerate the natural aging and induce inflammatory processes.

For example, soups from a bag which are popular because they are immediately ready and delicious, are a great danger. A bowl of this soup can contain 800 to 1000 mg of sodium, which affects the increased retention of fluids in the body, writes Daily Mail.

Furthermore, if you did not know, much sodium can also be found in sauces, Marinade, vegetarian burgers and chicken breasts, frozen vegetables … so, it is also found in the foods we consider healthy as well.

Among the foods that encourage aging are pizza, cookies, baked goods and pasta. We should consume fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh milk, nuts and fish in order to slow down the aging process.


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