What Can The Tongue Warn Us About?

Evaluate your health condition by the appearance of your tongue.what-can-the-tongue-warn-us-about

The tongue is able to give us a clear direction of the organ in our body which needs attention. In healthy people, the tongue is pale pink in color without, the layers, flat and with well defined papillae (the bumps that feel taste, which have their schedule and are shaped differently, and their size varies depending on various factors)

In summer, the tongue papillae possess reddish color and are slightly enlarged. In spring and autumn they are bright yellow.

The tongue condition can be influenced by food consumption (berries, beets, excessively hot food, medicines and construction of prostheses. Keep this in mind when you assess your health by the tongue appearance, for the traces of the eaten carrot to not be interpreted as a serious disease.

Discover the beginning or the presence of a disease by the tongue

The presence of plaque on the tongue indicates that something wrong happens in your body:

  • Thin layers-an early sign of the disease, thick layers- sign of chronic diseases. Thickening plaque talks about disease progression and brightening and reducing plaque is encouraging and means that health improves.
  • Yellow tongue- probably problems with the work of the digestive system, diseases of the liver, chronic holesistit.
  • Thick white color of the tongue- evidence of intoxication ( poisoning) , constipation
  • Brown color- diseases of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract
  • Dark-colored tongue- serious chronic diseases of the digestive organs, with dehydration
  • If you’ve noticed a plaque at the beginning of the language (throat) -- there is a possibility of irregular work of the bowel and kidneys
  • Redness of the tip of the tongue indicates a weak heart activity, possibly a beginning of coronary heart disease
  • Brown color on top of the tongue signals bilateral (mutual) pneumonia.

The color of the body of the tongue- as doctors say, is no less informative:

  • Pale tongue- exhaustion
  • Red color of the tongue- myocardial disorder and lung system disorder, blood disorders, infectious diseases
  • Dark red color of tongue- same condition as in red tongue, but the patient’s condition is very serious
  • Blue tongue- disorder of the cardiovascular system, lungs, kidney problems.


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