We Use Them Every Day And Still Are Not Aware Of The Mistake We Make

Ear sticks, batteries in the refrigerator, toothpaste for acne, everyday hair wash, drinking alcohol to warm up.. and many more. Do these sound familiar?we-use-them-every-day-and-still-are-not-aware-of-the-mistake-we-make

We believe your answer is one big YES. These are things that we regularly do, without even considering that we are wrong.

We think that we know everything for their use, but facts prove the contrary. A lot of people practice these things in a wrong way, and do not even notice that. For that development of events, the culprits are the incorrect assumptions that we have taken for granted, as true and proven. But is it so?

We use a lot of things on a daily basis, and exactly about them there are many misconceptions in which some suspect.

The most common myths about products we use regularly follow:

Ear sticks

Although many people use these every day to clean the ear wax, it is a fact that this habit actually has the opposite effect. In that way, you just put it forward in the ear, which can lead to damage to the eardrum.  So, you wonder, why do they serve for then? They are actually perfect for taking swabs in medicine, for cosmetic use, as well as for cleaning the outer shell of the ear.

Batteries in the fridge

You have probably heard a thousand times before that you can prolong the life of batteries by storing them in the fridge. This is nonsense. Battery producers even recommend that you do not do that, since you may even shorten its life as a result of the condensation in the fridge.

Toothpaste for acne

Acne will disappear if you apply toothpaste on it. No, it is not true, and in that way you will only dry and irritate the skin.

Washing the hair every day

This is one of the mistakes that people repeat it constantly. Too much shampoo dries the hair, which leads to dandruff.

Alcohol in cooking

Cooking makes all alcohol evaporate! Again, this is not true! Although a small per cent of the alcohol is reduced in cooking, some of it is left. After 2 and a half hours cooking, the percentage of alcohol is about 5 percent, so there is no danger of getting drunk.

If you swallow a chewing gum..

You have probably heard that if you swallow a chewing gum, it will stay in your body for seven years. Another lie. Although it takes some time for it to decompose, it will stay in the organism up to seven days.

Coffee is a diuretic

Although caffeine has a mild diuretic effect, it is not even close to what some people think. It is a fact that coffee acts just like water- the more you drink, the more you urinate.

Alcohol warms up the body

This is another misconception! The feeling of warmth is in fact a consequence of the change of blood circulation, since during alcohol consumption, blood veins expand.

Hair regenerators and other care products can fix damaged ends

Another big lie. The only thing that helps In this case is getting a haircut, since regenerators can only visually help and reduce the visibility of damaged ends.

Use until the date written on the package

All food items that we buy have an expiry date. However, it is important to mention that it is not obligatory for you to throw away the product after this date expires. Best before- means that until then the product is in its best state, which does not mean that the food should not be used afterwards.



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