Warning: Here Is How Does Fried Food Affect Your Heart

People who consume fried foods and sugary drinks have the biggest chance of getting a heart disease. This was proved by a 6-year study of the American Heart Association journal which was done on more than 17,000 Americans.warning-here-is-how-does-fried-food-affect-your-heart

The data were collected in the period from 2003 to 2007 so that at that time respondents were interviewed repeatedly by the phone and had regular check-ups at home, where they filled out questionnaires about their diet, and then a few more years, data was analyzed in details.

Subjects were divided into five different groups based on their diet. The first group included those who prefer fried food, the second those who enjoy ready meals like pizza, the third consisted of those who eat fruits and vegetables, the fourth included those who prefer sweet foods, and the last were those who eat food based on salads and spirits.

Today, scientists discovered that people who prefer fried foods, eggs, fried bacon and sugary drinks have a 56% risk of getting a heart attack within the period of 6 years.

“Regardless of your gender, race or place of residence, if you are a proponent of fried food, you must be aware of the risk of heart disease” – says the lead author of the article, James Chicane.


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