Useful: 12 Household Secrets You Certainly Didn’t Know About

Although many women believe they are experienced housewives, good and useful advice is always welcome.

Undoubtedly, these tricks will save you time and money.useful-12-household-secrets-you-certainly-didnt-know-about

  1. Make the champagne burst once again

If the bottle of champagne does not produce foam anymore, do not throw it away.  Put raisins in it, and the natural sugars will make a miracle.

  1. Maximize the use of lemon

If you need only a few drops of lemon, do not cut it in half because it will quickly dry out. Instead, punch it with a wooden toothpick and drain a few drops.

  1. Remove bugs

Put a bay leaf in a bowl of flour, pasta or rice to get rid of bugs.

  1. For the cheese not to dry

Brush it with butter or margarine on the place you have cut it. Thus, cheese and yellow cheese will keep their humidity.

  1. Make vegetables crispier

When radishes or carrots lose their delicacy, just place them in a bowl of ice water and a piece of fresh potato.

  1. Slow down the ripening of bananas

Never separate bananas if you do not eat them at the moment. When separated, they get spoiled faster.

  1. Prevent the growth of bacteria in dairy products

Turn the container in which you keep the cream upside down and place it in the refrigerator. This will create a vacuum that prevents the development of bacteria.

  1. Prevent honey crystallization

Honey cannot spoil, but it can crystallize. However, do not throw it away. Instead, put it in microwave for 30 seconds on medium heat and enjoy the pure honey.

  1. Prevent pasta to become hard

To prevent hardening of cooked pasta, place it in a bag and refrigerate. Before serving , simple boil it for a few minutes in water to restore moisture.

  1. If your milk boiled over

To get rid of the taste and smell of burnt milk, put a little salt. Salt neutralizes odors and tastes.

  1. Faster ripening of fruit

If you want some fruit to ripen faster, place it in a paper bag with an apple. Apple releases ethylene that accelerates the maturation of remaining fruit.

  1. Save the burnt pot

To save your pot, you only need to put a little baking soda and 4-5 tablespoons of salt, then add some water until you cover the burnt part. Let the liquid stand overnight and in the morning, remove the debris with a wire.


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