Unbelievable: He Never Thought That Drying Clothes At Home Will Cause This

Craig Mather (43) from Bolton argues that due to drying clothes at home, he now suffers a lung infection. He has experienced, as he claims, serious lung problems because of mold caused by the drying of clothes on the radiator in the room.unbelievable-he-never-thought-that-drying-clothes-at-home-will-cause-this

“I started to recover even when I was diagnosed with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and I was prescribed to take special drugs to combat fungal infection,” recounted the father of three children.

The doctor told him that his problems could become even bigger and more serious, therefore, in the past 12 months he stopped drying clothes at home. Since then, he noticed a great improvement of his health.

His experience is one of many pointed out by doctors, who warn that drying clothes indoors can be a serious health risk.

Namely, clothes placed on dryers or radiators, can increase the amount of moisture up to 30% in the home and can create ideal conditions for the development of fungi.

The clothes when removed from the washing machine contain nearly two gallons of water that is released into the room. Most of us are immune to fungi that are created in these wet conditions or the body can fight the disease.

However, in the case of patients with asthma may experience problems with coughing and wheezing, and people whose immune system is weakened, such as cancer patients, for example, who are treated with chemotherapy, fungi can cause pulmonary aspergillosis.

It is a condition that may be incurable, and sometimes it can cause fatal lung damage, explains Professor David Denning, who advises to dry the clothes outside or inside, only if the room has good ventilation – and as far away as possible from the bedroom and living room.


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