Try This Flaxseed Cleanse For 3 Weeks to EMPTY Your Body Of POUNDS Of Toxic Waste

Eating too much processed and refined foods creates an acidic environment in the body. This affects the function of your internal organs, and thus create a huge chaos in the body. Eventually, you end up with digestive issues like constipation, and the toxic buildup can lead to severe health problems.

The essence of fiber

If your goal is to prevent the accumulation of toxic waste material, fiber is your best friend. Waste is eliminated through the rectum, but improper elimination may be the cause of serious health problems like gut infections and inflammation.

Fiber stops potential blockages of the intestinal tract of waste buildups and gasses

Fiber rich foods

Eat more nuts, grains and beans. These are excellent sources of fiber, but if you are looking for the greatest source of fiber, you may want to try flaxseeds.

The tiny seeds grow on the flax plant, and they are super packed with soluble and insoluble fiber.

Both types of fiber provide a proper digestive function. Soluble fiber absorb water and convert it into a gel-like substance. This slows down the process of digestion, while enabling the body to get all the ingredients from the food, and end up with less waste material. Soluble fiber also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Insoluble fiber bulks up the waste material (stool), and makes it dense and heavy, which eases its way through the digestive tract without any blockages.

Ground flax detoxification

There are two amazing ways of detoxifying your body with ground flax.

  • Combine a tablespoon of freshly ground flax and a quarter cup of warm water. Drink the mixture before your breakfast.
  • Combine a tablespoon of ground flax and a quarter cup of kefir. Eat this instead of your regular dinner and breakfast.

Ground flax is a better option than using whole seeds, because the body cannot process whole flaxseeds, so most of them are eliminated without being digested.

Both ways work great, and within 3 weeks your body will absorb enough fiber to get the digestive system going well and get rid of toxic buildups.

Source: Health Advice Team


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