Tips For A Good Start Of The Day: Energize Your Body In The Morning

If you do not sleep enough, and even when you sleep for about those “mandatory” 8 hours, you still feel tired and exhausted, then you need to consume foods high in iron and healthy snacks. They will help to quickly wake up and recharge your energy for the upcoming

Here are some tips for a perfect start of the day ..

1. Consume herbs rich in iron

Certain ingredients, especially iron, can help women to have more energy. Almost 10 percent of women aged 20 to 49 lack iron in the body, which causes fatigue and limited mental and physical abilities.

Herbs that are excellent sources of iron are the following: beans, spinach and sesame seed, and if you consume them in combination with vitamin C, you will be able to absorb iron more effectively.

2. Avoid caffeine

Despite the beneficial health effects tea and coffee can provide, if you feel exhausted, it is better to skip them. Caffeine gives you a false sense of power because it is a stimulant, and when its action finishes, you will feel more tired than you were previously.

3. Breakfast as an energy bomb

Instead of limiting your breakfast only to proteins and carbohydrates, try to make it more balanced. Instead of eating only yogurt, add some berries which act as antioxidants, or good fats, such as almonds, hazelnuts, and some seeds and oat flakes. Also, it would be favorable if you replace ordinary yogurt with one that has reduced fat content.

4. Eat more “super- fruits”

It is recommended to consume more “super- fruits” -- apples, chestnut fruits, berries and tomatoes. If you eat only a banana for breakfast, you will not consume enough nutrients and antioxidants, and that will cause a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

5. Choose healthy snacks
When you choose your energy snacks, ignore what it said on the package and immediately check the list of ingredients. If its ingredients remind you of some prescription and you think that you could do it yourself, then it is the right choice to buy.

However, if most of the names of the ingredients are incomprehensible and look like a scientific experiment, simply skip that food.


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