Throw an aspirin into the washing machine. The effect is perfect!

There is nothing better than white, crisp sheets, right? And you sure love your white summer dresses. However, these can become dreadfully grayish, and that is something you do not want for sure.

Repeated washing and harsh, chemical-laden products contribute to this problem, and that is what annoys housewifes the most. Guess what, we have some good news for all the worried women out there. Now you can say goodbye to your ‘dirty white’ clothes for good.

It is the simplest thing ever. Just dump a 325mg aspirin pill in about 2 gallons of hot water and let it dissolve.

Next, soak your grayish laundry into the hot solution for about 7 hours approx while making sure that every inch of your clothes is well soaked. You can also throw the pill in your washing machine, as they would dissolve better this way.

After 7 hours take your laundry out of the solution and let it dry. Aspirin pills will help you get rid of dirty stains as well.

Dissolve an aspirin pill in some cold water and use the solution to remove blood stains. Soak the clothes in the solution for 2 hours. Remember, you should never clean blood stains using hot water, because the heat will cause the blood to clump, which would definitely make it more difficult for you to remove the stain.

Using aspirin will save you all the money and effort you usually spend on conventional washing products. Aspirin contains specific acids that will do the ‘dirty job’ for you.

Source: Health Magazine 365


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