“This is How I Eliminated Kidney Stone in 6 Days” (Recipe)

This is a truly fantastic natural recipe, which was showed to be incredibly effective in eliminating stones from the kidney. Just be careful, if the stone is too large, it can do damages when you discard it.this-is-how-i-eliminated-kidney-stone-in-6-days-recipe

In just six days, naturally discard the stone from the kidney, as well as its remains, such as sand and clean the kidneys from sludge.

A man, via the social networks shared his personal experience with this recipe:

“This is the way I took out the stone in my kidney that was a little bigger than a grain of wheat” :

  • 100 ml lemon juice
  • 100 ml olive oil (extra virgin)
  • 100 ml beer

Put all ingredients in a glass bottle and stir. Drink 50ml of this drink every morning. Shake the bottle before each use. In six days, the stone starts to come out, and in four days, the sand.

Many people who have tried this recipe claim that it is very successful.

Note: The lemon juice should necessarily be of squeezed lemon, not artificial, bottled. You should also consider the size of the stone, as if it is greater than 15 mm, this recipe will move it, and then it can do damage in the canals when ejected


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