This Green Drink Is A Hit! Find Out How It Acts On Your Body

The taste and the unusual green color is not the only thing that brings popularity to this tea, but it is a potion that has a high nutritional value and the same quantity of antioxidants in one cup as in 10 teaspoons of plain green tea.this-green-drink-is-a-hit-find-out-how-it-acts-on-your-body

Tea lovers recognize its benefits, and those who didn’t know about it until now, will certainly go looking to buy green matcha tea, which has a rich and distinctive flavor.

The leaves for preparing the matcha tea are harvested four weeks before the actual harvest, therefore this process provides attractive dark green leaves. The leaves are harvested, dried and finally crushed in fine powder. It is interesting that a stone mill processes 30 grams of matcha tea within a whole hour.

Matcha tea contains catechin, carotene and vitamins A, B, C and E and has numerous healing properties. Apart from containing large amounts of antioxidants, this matcha tea stimulates the metabolism and helps in burning calories, making it ideal for detoxification of the body.

Just one cup of this tea has a calming and relaxing effect, improves mood and enhances concentration. It is excellent in the fight against viruses and bacteria, it is rich in dietary fiber, helps in the reduction of cholesterol and high blood sugar, and is effective in the fight against cancer.


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