This Funny-Looking Gourd May Save You From Hypertension And Heart Diseases

Chayote or also known as mirliton, pear squash, choko, chuchu, sayote, pipinola and tayota is one of the healthiest gifts of nature, and we bet that you’re not that familiar with its health benefits.

Nutritionists agree that chayote is one of the most nutritious foods on planet Earth.

It’s part of the gourd family, and people recognize it for its distinctive green color. Some say it resembles the mouth of an old person without teeth. Once you slide your knife through it, you’ll notice the soft seeds inside.

Chayote is more like a green pear with rough skin. It may not be the most beautiful plant ever, but it sure is one of the healthiest out there.

Add chayote to your menu, and we’ll give you several good reasons to do so:

Anticancer power

Vitamin C in chayote is a strong antioxidant that prevents free radical damage. Research has shown that chayote provides 17% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin.

Blood pressure

Chayote juice regulates blood pressure instantly.

Strong bones

Vitamin K in chayote strengthens the structure of your teeth and bones.

Healthy brain

Enrich your juice recipes with chayote, and your brain will work like crazy. Chayote will give you the right nutrients to boost your memory and brain function.


Chayote is high in fiber which boosts your metabolism, and provides regular bowel movement.

Healthy heart

Folate in chayote prevents the accumulation of homocysteine, known for its ability to increase the risk of stroke.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps are often caused by magnesium and potassium deficiencies. Chayote is abunfant in these minerals, and you will sure avoid those nasty cramps if you eat it regularly.

Respiratory health

Components of chayote soothe respiratory issues, and it relieves cough, colds, phlegm and other similar problems associated with the respiratory tract. For optimal results, add it to your soups and stews.

Healthy skin complexion

Zinc in chayote prevents acne breakout, and clears skin. It regulates hormones, and the secretion of the natural oils in your skin.

Thyroid gland health

Iodine regulates your thyroid gland. When combined with copper it’s even more powerful. The good news is that chayote has them both.

Weight loss

Chayote is amazing for those who struggle with excess pounds. Add it to your juices, and watch your pounds melt. Manganese in chayote helps your body turn protein and fat into energy. You don’t need energy boosters. Just add chayote to your juice recipes, and enjoy the energy boost throughout the day.

How to consume chayote?

Chayote has a mild taste, and you can eat it raw. Some like to add it to their salads, and others use it to enrich their stews, soups, and slow roasted meals. The best way to use it is juicing it. The mild taste works well with every fruit and veggie.


The skin releases latex-like substance that causes tingling sensation in some people. Don’t panic, because it disappears within a few moments.

Source: Juicing For Health


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