They Say That The Water With Lemon Is Good For You- But Here’s What They Didn’t Tell You

Most people know that the lemon water can have numerous benefits. It is rich in vitamin C and is excellent for our overall health.they-say-that-the-water-with-lemon-is-good-for-you-but-heres-what-they-didnt-tell-you

Despite the fact that it is good to drink a cup of squeezed lemon, these are things that you certainly didn’t know about it:

  1. The water with lemon helps with nausea

The simplest, but in fact the most effective natural remedy for nausea and vomiting is lemon juice. It is especially recommended after vomiting, because it instantly refreshes the oral cavity and reduces the chance of recurrence of the sickness. Lemon juice, in this case, has to be mixed with less water than in the ordinary lemonade and you should not drink it immediately, but sip by sip. Given that it can cause no harm, it is useful in the case of nausea and sickness in pregnant women.

  1. Lemon water helps in weight loss

Lemonade normalizes blood sugar and provides weight loss.

  1. It prevents the formation of kidney stones

At least in some people, it prevents the formation of kidney stones. Lemon contains a ton of potassium which raises the level of citrate in the urine, and thus prevents the formation of stones.

  1. It helps with nausea

The simplest, but really effective drug against nausea is the lemon juice. It is especially recommended after vomiting, as it refreshes the mouth.

  1. Water with lemon helps with GERD

GERD, or gastro esophageal reflux disease is the restoring of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus, which is very uncomfortable due to the increased secretion of gastric acid. It may seem to be counterproductive, as lemon has a sour taste, but the lemon water juice actually helps to calm the stomach acids and can cause only benefits.

  1. Lemon water can help you to heal acne

Drinking lemonade strengthens the immune system and stimulates digestion, which helps in healing acne.

You probably thought we will reveal some bad things about lemons, right? However, the lemon water has almost no negative effects, other than its capacity to damage the tooth enamel, so it is recommended to wash your mouth after eating lemons, or to drink the lemon water using a straw.

From now on, do not forget to drink a glass of lemonade every morning!


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