These Simple Exercises Will Cure The Stiff Neck

Have you ever heard that the way you usually look at your smartphone is a rough equivalent of placing an extra ten pounds of pressure on your neck?these-simple-exercises-will-cure-the-stiff-neck

According to the demands of our work, we keep on living increasingly unhealthy lives or suffer the unintended consequences of technology. Thus, we need to be extra careful of the positions we put our bodies through.

Unhealthy postures can cause long-term damages which may be particularly scary; especially as we grow older, since they can severely limit the quality of our lives and diminish the joy we get from being with our loved ones.

Leading among them is the poor circulation of fluids you get from not sitting with your back straight. This is a result of the unnatural compression in parts of your spine.

The occasional pain that might shoot up your spine, neck, and shoulders represent the culmination of the issue.

The left, untreated, bad posture can eventually lead up to having chronic back and neck pain. This is especially dangerous because it ultimately hinders your ability to move and gradually gets worse because you can’t move easily.

Unfortunately, the traditional modern medicine only seems to offer two solutions, pain medication (with complicated side-effects and risk of addiction) or life-threatening surgeries that can cause more harm than good.

Fortunately, there are still ways avoid the dangers of pain medication and surgery and to treat this health complication naturally.

We offer you here some simple, yet efficient,lower back pain relief exercises, In case you’re suffering acute episodes of lower back pain. I also recommend doing these simple back stretches as precautionary measures against back pain.

Now, let us return to that sore stiff neck that might be a bit too strained as a result of looking at your smartphone. No one said you don’t need it anymore!

There is an easy way to undo some of its accumulative damage, and to make sure that both, your neck and shoulders, are in healthy positions throughout your days.

Bring relief to a stiff neck naturally:

Your neck is supposed to be perfectly aligned with your spine. Ideally, it should rest easily at your spinal column’s center of gravity.

If you’re constantly in an incorrect posture, you might notice the occurrence of the “chicken neck” effect. That means that it would be visible that your neck is positioned slightly forward.

However, this is no time to panic!

There are some exercises that are successful in correcting this issue.

However, please consult your family doctor to establish your own safety limits in case you are in pain, before you even attempt one of these exercises.

1. Indecisive- workout

Also known as “Yes, No, Maybe”.

As you’ve might’ve guessed, this workout consists in slowly moving your head to signal “yes” (up and down), “no” (rotate left and right), and “maybe”  (incline left and right).

By doing these stretches in the morning you’ll be able to gradually correct some of the damage caused by bad postures. As you’re doing this, try to slowly move to each extreme as much as you can without feeling any pain. Stop immediately when you feel pain.

2. Head Rolls

Head Rolls have biggest effect when done under a nice hot shower, because it’ll help your muscles relax. Slowly rotate your head clockwise, as if you were following a bee. Repeat about five times.Then, slowly rotate counter clockwise for about five times as well.

The neck needs to regularly have stretches, like any other muscle, so it can survive the atrophy caused by unhealthy habits.

Source: Healthy Food House


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