These Phones Contain the Most Radiation: You Have to Avoid Them at all Costs

It was really shockingly to discover that all this time we have been using phones which are radioactive. So, it is very important to check and see if your mobile phone belongs to this list.

According to the study published by the researchers from the Institute of Science in Israel -- Weizmann, even the smallest exposure to a mobile phone (10 minutes) can be very harmful to our brain and increase the risk of cells division or even cancer.


The leading investigator claims that young children, at the age of 10 or 12 who are exposed to mobile phones, are put at increased risk of brain cancer. And this is not the worst. Their brain is still in the process of development, and they are more prone to damage to cell phones. Besides this fact, mobile phones are still introduced to children all around the world.

When it comes to the subject of cell phone radiation, the internet provides different opinions, but however, it is proven that all mobile phones are tested for their specific absorption rate, the rate at which the radiation from your phone is absorbed into your body. 1.6 watts per kg is the maximum allowed. This means that you need to see that list of cell phones and make sure to change your phone immediately if there is a need. Just imagine what the radiation can do to your body.

We highly recommend you to check the list of cell phones with the highest radiation, and make sure to stay away from them in order to protect yourself!

Look at the video below and find out more!

Source: My Central Health


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