These Homemade Remedies Will Help You Remove Warts Naturally

Ordinary warts represent infectious warty changes on the uncovered body parts. The causer is a virus from the group of papillomaviruses.these-homemade-remedies-will-help-you-remove-warts-naturally

The infection occurs by direct contact, and less frequently, through an indirect contact with objects or autoinoculation (when the wart virus infects the surrounding healthy skin in the same person). The time of incubation is between 1 to 18 months.

Warts are hard, hemispherical, with nodules in the size of a seed of lentils, peas or beans. Initially, they have the same color as the skin, and afterwards, due to hyperkeratosis, they receive yellow-gray color. Their surface is uneven and cracked. They occur singly or in groups (1 to 10 and more).

Usually, the new warts (satellite warts) appear around the wart which first appeared (primary wart). The primary wart is always greater than the satellite warts.

They most commonly occur on the dorsal side of the hands and fingers, most often in children and young people. In children who nibble their nails, warts can occur under the fingernails -- subungual warts, which are difficult to treat. They can cause permanent nail changes.

Their changes have tendency towards spontaneous disappearance. However, after their removal or spontaneous disappearance, warts may relapse (recur).

Here are some homemade remedies that will help you remove warts naturally:



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