There Is A Solution: You Will No Longer Cry When You Chop Onions

Whenever you need to use onions, they inevitably lead to tears. The kitchen chef Jack Scalfani will reveal the secret to cutting an onion without crying.there-is-a-solution-you-will-no-longer-cry-when-you-chop-onions

You just take a sharp knife which will help you avoid the unpleasant tears in less than 2 minutes.

The secret lies in the bulb, which is exclusively hot and stimulates the senses.

Namely, in his video, Jack Scalfani says that initially, you need to remove the part that makes you cry, and that is where the roots come out. It’s like a little bulb and contains gas, which when released, causes you to cry. Therefore, you need to cut it out completely. Get a knife, and cut about 1/3 of the entire onion. Cut a circle, more like a cone shape, in the onion, and cut about a third of the onion deep. Be very careful.

Throw the removed part directly in the trash.

Then, you can peel the entire onion, removing all the brown layer. When cutting it, do not cut it on its side, straight through its middle, but always cut from the end point down toward where the root was.

And that’s all- this is how you cut an onion without crying!


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