There Are Six Kinds Of Obesity, And These Vary According To Their Cause

Ranging from the type of obesity which is simply caused by excessive intake of calories to obesity caused by poor metabolism or reaction to gluten -- the reason always reveals the solution.there-are-six-kinds-of-obesity-and-these-vary-according-to-their-cause

Neither all obesity types are same, nor are the same the reasons for them. Most people have variable weight throughout life -- from slimmer to fatter stages. But, the body part where most fat is stored, indicates the real cause of obesity. Scientists identify six different causes of obesity.

  1. Inactivity

This type is specific because the fat building happens mostly in the upper part of the body – starting from the hips to the face. The reason, besides the obvious things is consumption of too many calories, sedentary lifestyle and too little movement.

  1. Obesity associated with food

In this type of obesity, weight is primarily gained around the waist. It is an indicator of excessive indulgence in unhealthy food -- products filled with sugar, salt and fats.

  1. Stomach Problems Obesity

In the third type of obesity, fat initially and mostly deposit on the area of ​​the upper abdomen to the knee, as well as the legs and buttocks. According to experts, the most common cause is the occasional overeating and depression symptoms. It is more common in women.

  1. Venous problems

Venous circulation is one of the causes of obesity, which in its essence is more dependent on genetics than lifestyle. Genes play a major role in storing fat exclusively in the area of ​​the stomach. The decreased blood flow through the area leads to slowing metabolism. Indulgence in alcohol worsens the situation, and exercise is the only solution.

  1. Atherogenic obesity

This type of weight gain is mostly located on the lowest body parts- the legs and buttocks. The reason is also genetics and it all comes down to weak blood circulation, and lifestyle habits contribute to it: sleep deprivation and little exercise. This condition may even lead to leg swelling. In such cases, avoiding alcohol and caffeine is recommended.

  1. Gluten obesity

This type of fat is located from the chest to the hip area as well as the back. The most common reason for this is a bad reaction to gluten. It is more often in women and can appear in periods of hormonal imbalance.


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