The Vitamin Found to Prevent and Reverse Cancer

The experts suggest that the regular intake of vitamin E plays an important role in protecting women from breast cancer. According to a number of recent studies, vitamin E has the ability to inhibit the metabolism of cancer cells, thus leading them to commit suicide (apoptosis). These are great news for all women who have breast cancer, those who had it but want to avoid its recurrence and for women who want to protect themselves from breast cancer.

How does vitamin E have such power?

A number of studies showed that breast cancer involves some cells which not only can initiate the disease but also speed the development, the resistance of therapeutics, metastasis, and relapse. Vitamin E has the ability to destabilize the mitochondria in those cells and disrupt the metabolism, which results in a death of the cell also known as apoptosis.

Each cell of our body has mitochondria, which produces and gives the energy of that cell along with the presence of oxygen. The thing with cancer cells is that they have damaged mitochondria and use a completely different mechanism (without the presence of oxygen) that gives the energy of cancer cells. Vitamin E can activate the mitochondria in cancer cells, thus disrupting the metabolism in cancer cells which results in a death of the cancer cells caused by starvation.

In addition, studies proved that vitamin E can help to prevent and even reverse numerous types of cancer including ovarian, prostate, bladder, lung cancer, etc.

We need to mention that not every vitamin E has the ability to perform this action. Vitamin E succinate is the best form of vitamin E. It is a natural form of vitamin E, which has potent anticancer properties.

Vitamin E is considered toxic above 25 000 IU a day. The recommended daily intake of vitamin E for men is 600 IU and for women 400 IU, but for people with cancer the dose should be bigger. You can use the natural form of vitamin E -- vitamin E succinate, or you can also take vitamin E through your diet by including more foods rich in vitamin E.

More health benefits of vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, having the ability to prevent cholesterol from oxidizing. If cholesterol becomes oxidized, it can accumulate in the blood vessels walls and lead to atherosclerosis.

Vitamin E is mostly found in fish, eggs, whole grains, green vegetables, plant oils, and nuts.

Gill Heart Institute at the University of Kentucky conducted a study which proved that diet rich in vitamin E can reduce the risk of artery diseases up to 56%, Moreover, this study showed that vitamin E can reduce insulin resistance and inflammation.

Other Health Benefits of Vitamin E:

  • Relieves leg cramps and charley horses
  • Reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease and stroke
  • Works as diuretic and prevents high blood pressure
  • Prevent and dissolve blood clots
  • Alleviate fatigue
  • Protect lungs against air pollution
  • Accelerate healing of burns

Source: Healthiest Alternative


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