The Truth About Black Bread! Place It In Water And Find Out If You Are Deceived!

Black and rye bread is very popular among people who care about their health and maintain adequate nutrition. Such bread is supposed to be produced by a large share of all wheat or rye grain, since only thus it retains all essential nutrients.the-truth-about-black-bread-place-it-in-water-and-find-out-if-you-are-deceived

The secret of rye bread is in the abundance of fibers, vitamins B and E, selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other high quality chemical compounds. Even in small amounts it gives a special feeling of satiety and therefore the experts recommend it as a starter to eliminate nervousness because of hunger.

Moreover, black bread retains taste and smell much better, and can no stay long without getting hardened. It is useful to know that black bread has less “bad”cholesterol than white one. It is recommended to heart patients, and fiber contributes to low blood sugar, so diabetics praise this product as well.

Importantly, when you are purchasing, check whether the black or integral bread is really “ black “or whether the product is from whole grains or simply a caramel color or something even more insidious has been added, and shouldn’t have, to it.

An anonymous bakery who is well acquainted with the methods of dyeing bread, explained that all kinds of things are added to the so-called “black” bread for color, like coffee, cocoa, artificial colors, red wine..Methods used by manufacturers are different,  and all that just to save and earn from you.
Nor any rye bread is not really such. Rye bread can be called only the one that contains at least 30 percent rye flour.

Rye dough has poor gluten quality, which is healthy, and comes to cracking of the “network “of gluten, which, during baking, prevents the water to evaporate from the dough. The result is the compact structure of real rye bread.

In wheat dough, quality is significantly better. The result is a loose and airy structure, which should be avoided by ill people or sensitive to gluten.
As a conclusion – it is not possible a bread with a higher percentage of rye flour to be soft, with loose structure as wheat bread!

How to recognize real black bread?

  • Put a piece of the middle part of black bread in water. If the bread whitens, and the water darkens, it means it is colored;
  • Black bread is hard, compact and has a higher moisture content than white bread;
  • Black bread can be airy and springy;
  • The middle of black bread has deeper pores and has a lower volume;
  • Black bread smells differently from white one;


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