The Real Cause Of The Pain: How Is The Spine Associated With The Internal Organs?

It is pretty common to feel persistent pain in one part of the body. Believe it or not, your spine can be the underlying cause of your pain.

This would mean that you will treat a totally different ailment, without considering that you should actually take more care of your spine.

It depends on your spine whether you are going to relieve persistent pain.

Here is how doctors view things from this aspect:

  • Problems with the intervertebral disc of your neck may be the reason why you experience vision problems, difficulty swallowing and ringing in the ears
  • The cervical spine is held as responsible for any numbness or pain in the hands
  • Check for any issues with the thoracic vertebrae before you treat pain in your bowels, heart muscle or stomach
  • The lumbar vertebrae may be associated with pain in the thighs, hips and lower back

Consult your doctor for any potential treatment of your spine issues in order to alleviate pain and discomfort in other parts of the body.

Source: Time For Natural Health Care


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