The Powerful Sesame Seed – Acts As An Antibiotic, Analgesic, Aphrodisiac And It Strengthens Bones

Any grain of sesame is valuable as gold due to its exceptional healing properties.the-powerful-sesame-seed-acts-as-an-antibiotic-analgesic-aphrodisiac-and-it-strengthens-bones

If sesame seeds are regularly added in your dishes, then you have done your body a real favor.

Black sesame seeds, white sesame or red / brown sesame seeds are different types of sesame seeds which are distinguished by the color of the seeds rich in oils and proteins. While brown and black sesame market come unhulled, the white one can be supplied with shell or peeled, and in a format which many know as Tahini (sesame paste).

Vitamins B, A, E, lecithin, niacin, numerous minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium, alone speak for the values ​​of this really small, in terms of dimensions, but really very powerful herb.

Dental disorders:

Sesame strengthens our teeth and acts on our mouth cavity, teeth and gums. Its use reduces inflammation, infections, strengthens teeth and tooth enamel, acts to prevent the occurrence of dental plaque, but also acts on the excretion of toxins from the body.

It strengthens the cardiovascular system:

Sesame lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of occurrence of heart disease.


Sesame contains two unique compounds from the group of fibers called lignans -- sesamin and sesamolin. More and more studies show the importance of the role of sesame in the strengthening of our body and its action in the fight against free radicals. For those who struggle with breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical, sesame is one of the main supporters in the fight for better health.

Healthy skin and beauty:

Sesame oil relieves irritation, and contains vitamin E and zinc. It affects the health of the skin and its elasticity and slows down the process of aging, dry skin and against the premature formation of wrinkles.


The local application on the affected area shows that the sesame oil is also great for alleviating pain. It is recommended for lower damage, cramps or poor circulation.


The regular consumption of sesame reduces impotence and acts to strengthen and encourage the vital functions and the strengthening of the reproductive tissue.

It regulates the menstrual cycle:

For these reasons, it is recommended as an integral part of the diet exactly in the premenstrual period. It reduces menstrual pain and relieves the symptoms of PMS.

Sesame strengthens the bones:

Sesame is rich in calcium and its deep penetration into the tissue speaks about its importance for preserving the health and strength of the bones. It is especially recommended for individuals who are suffering from osteoporosis.

Nutritive tonic:

Sesame is a mild laxative and thus it regulates digestion, affects the health and the function of the intestines, and the entire digestive system.



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