The Place Of The Pain Reveals The Type Of Your Headache, The Reason For Its Occurrence And Its Lasting Solution

  1. Pain in the forehead

In this case the headache is caused by sinusitis. The pain can be felt on the cheekbones as well. Due to the steam you breathe, an inhalation and shower with hot water can be of great help.

  1. Pain the back of the head (in the neck) and on the crown

This type of headache occurs due to problems in the spine and neck, for instance, due to long sitting. Stretch a little and breathe fresh air…

  1. Pain in temples

It appears if there is a disorder of the jaw joint, which leads to a tension headache. Besides the pain in the temples, there is a pain in the ear, face, difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, and also a “click” can be heard when the jaw is moved. It is advisable to consult a doctor.

Keep a headache diary

Experts say that it is good to keep a diary of headaches, such as, how often they occur, at which time, the location of the pain, how long does it last, what activities, food or drinks preceded the headache, and the like. Based on those remarks later, the doctor will more easily diagnose the issue.

Headache can also occur due to dehydration, so note that you should drink enough water during the day.


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