The Place Of The Pain Reveals The Type Of Your Headache, The Reason For Its Occurrence And Its Lasting Solution

Sometimes it is not difficult to guess why headache occurred, for example, due to drunkenness or sleep deprivation. However, at times it is hard to find out the reason of the pain, and why it occurs at a particular place. Depending on where and how it occurs, the pain can indicate a serious health problem.the-place-of-the-pain-reveals-the-type-of-your-headache-the-reason-for-its-occurrence-and-its-lasting-solution

Explosive headaches appear as a “bolt from the blue” and the maximum intensity is achieved within seconds. They may be indicative of a range of health problems, including bleeding due to ruptured blood vessels in the brain that is life threatening.

If the headache occurs early in the morning, one should certainly consult the doctor because it can appear due to a brain tumor, sleep apnea, high blood pressure…

Moreover, you should also consult your doctor in case the headache occurs along with changes in vision, digestion and mood, the emergence of tension in the neck or irritability, or if the pain appeared after a head injury, writes Deeply.

Headaches differ in place and pain, and these are the most common types:

  1. It occurs in one half of the head

It is caused by migraine which is not dangerous, but it is very exhausting for those who suffer from it because it can last up to 72 hours. You will recognize it by the pulsating pain with moderate to severe intensity, and sometimes nausea and sensitivity to noise and light can occur as well. It is important to take a painkiller immediately after the onset of symptoms and to rest in a dark and quiet room.

  1. As someone has pressed your head

This type of headache causes tension and occurs gradually; with up to medium intensity of pain in the head and you feel like someone is pressing your head. It often occurs due to stress and a good sleep would be of great help.

  1. Pain on one side of the face, swollen eye lid

It’s is a cluster headache, which is strong, and occurs in cycles, lasting from two weeks to a month. It occurs at a certain period of the year, and sometimes, a year may pass between 2 attacks. While it lasts, the pain occurs almost every day, at the same time of the day or night and lasts approximately 2-3 hours. Those who suffer from this type of headache have noticed that they can relieve the pain by physical activities, unlike those with migraines that must rest.

The pain occurs on one side of the head, and usually on the same side of the face, the nostril is blocked or congested with mucus, the eye lid swells, the eye is red, the face and forehead sweat. This type of headache is 5 times more common in men…


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