The Most Powerful Anti-Cancer Kernel Known On Planet Earth According to This Doctor

Doctor Ernest Krebs was an inspiring biochemist in the early 1950s. His idea to determine what fuels cancer cells took him to a revolutionary discovery that was tightly associated with the possibility of overcoming such a deadly disease.the-most-powerful-anti-cancer-kernel-known-on-planet-earth-according-to-this-doctor

The doctor was led by the belief that cancer is a metabolic response to improper diet, and he initiated a study based on the living essence of the Hunzas who thrived far across oceans and mountains, near Northern Pakistan.

The Hunzas and Apricot kernels

Major Sir Robert McCarrison was also intrigued by the Hunzas, and his desire to learn more about them inspired him to write about their lifestyle back in the 1930s. At that point the major had a post with the Indian Medical Service.

As he described, the Hunzas were perfectly healthy, regarding both physical and mental aspect. The oldest members were counting 135 years or more. They knew nothing about obesity, diabetes, or heart attack. Cancer was unknown to these incredibly strong people.

What was their secret? It had to be something about their food and lifestyle habits. But, their diet was not versatile or abundant in different foods. According to Major McCarrison, Hunzas ate raw milk, meat and bone broth, fresh grains and vegetables. They did not eat much sugar, and considering the fact they were nomads and herders, these people were extremely active.

One of the most interesting revealing that later triggered a number of studies was the fact that they ate lots of apricot seed kernels. This finding convinced Dr Krebs that he has discovered the secret weapon for tumor destruction – amygdalin.

What is amygdalin?

Mygdalin is a compound that is naturally present in over 12 edible plants. Being aware of the content of the Standard American Diet, you should not be surprised by the fact that it lacks this compound. As shown by researchers, amygdalin marks highest concentrations in apricot seed kernels, and in this composition, amygalin comes packed with the most powerful accompanying enzymes.

Dr Krebs created laetrile, a concentrated form of amygdalin that was obtained through a direct extraction of apricot kernels. Amygdalin is a classified nitriloside, and its structure resembles B vitamins, which is why the doctor named it B17.


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