The Man Who Shook The World: “Cancer Can Be Treated In Less Than 3 Minutes!” This Man Demonstrated It!

According to Gregg Braden, the author of “The Theory of Cancer”, our emotions are able to change our DNA and treat various diseases including cancer.

He claims that cancer is not only a physical problem but also an emotional and spiritual issue. Braden believes that we have the ability to cure cancer in only 3 minutes by changing our way of thought.

This theory was published in the magazine “The Nature” in 1996.

Numerous studies showed that our thoughts and emotions are extremely important in the electromagnetic field, and their waves can reach up 1 meter in front of us. The scientists claim that people in the future will be able to produce energy by expressing their thoughts. When you master this technique, you can use your emotions to cure diseases and conditions.

This was explained with an audio-visual product recorded in a hospital in China. They manage to shrink a carcinogenic tumor by 2.5 times in only 3 minutes! In the end, an ultrasound scan confirmed this process.

We can create a powerful electromagnetic field by learning how to control our emotions. In this way, we can control everything within and around us.

It is considered that our emotions and feelings are the mirror of our soul, showing everything we hold inside.

It is very important to be very careful what you think and say because the DNA absorbs everything. If we want to experience some change, our DNA must change as well.

So, make sure to stay away from negative thoughts and emotions, and try to think positively as much as possible, because positive thoughts and emotions can cure any disease or condition!

Source: Bare Natural Truth


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