The Lymphatic System Is How Cancer Spreads. These Are 10 Ways To Keep It Flowing Healthy…

The lymphatic system is a network consisted of tissues and organs which work together in order to clean and filter the toxins and waste from the body. It is an interesting fact that the body has even 3 times more lymph than it has blood. As the most important detoxification system in the body, it is extremely important people to be educated about the products which can damage the function of the lymphatic system.

About 80% of the immune cells are in the gut, especially in the GALT, a gut related lymphatic issue. The lymphatic system is made of white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, which are also stored in the appendix, behind the heart, spleen, bone marrow, and all lymph nodes in the entire body.
What is the role of the lymphatic system?

90% blood is pumped by our body which is sent back to the heart. The other 10% compromise the lymph. All the toxins, chemicals, bacteria, and cancerous cells are passed through the lymph. The body is warned if there is some foreign compound which should be eliminated. Maybe you wonder why every cancer is diagnosed with a lymph node biopsy.

This is because the lymphatics are the leftover blood which can cover each body organ. If there is a not proper flow of the lymph then toxic waste and cancer cells can’t be eliminated. This can happen as a result of the standard American diet which we all know that is extremely unhealthy. In such a case, the bowels eliminate the waste. These toxins are not recognized by the immune system in the lymph and can cause metastasis.

This is how cancer spreads

Every cancer diagnosis is made with a lymph node biopsy. If the location of the cancer is there, it goes through the entire body, and its fast spread is the reason why people are forced to undergo poisonous chemotherapy. And chemotherapy can’t make a difference between the healthy and cancerous cells, which means that it kills both of them. So, it is very important to keep the lymph system moving and healthy, so it can be able to warn the immune system if there is some problem and initiate detoxification.

The lymphatic system is constantly exposed to a number of toxins including smoking, chemicals, pollution, exhausts, food additives, prescription pill ingredients, and pesticides. And what is more, people don’t tend to intake enough vitamins and minerals, which usually causes the system to falter.

Symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system:

  • Brain fog
  • Dry or itchy skin
  • Exhaustion
  • Cellulite
  • Constipation
  • Breast swelling or soreness with each cycle
  • Discoloration of legs
  • AM Soreness/stiffness
  • Cold hands/feet/poor circulatio

How to get the lymph flowing

1. Inversion

Inversions help the lymph move from the lower extremities to the heart. The perfect combination of inversions and exercise is Yoga, an exercise which can detoxify and rejuvenate sluggish lymph systems.
2. Exercise

Any activity that can create zero gravity, also known as rebounding, can be beneficial for the lymph move. It moves the lymph upward to the heart and the axillary lymph channels. It requires muscular effort pushing against gravity.

3. Deep breathing

Taking deep breaths is another way which can help you to move the lymph to the lymphatic channels. As we said before, the body has more lymph than blood, so each activity that requires deep breathing can help you to filter lymph and move it properly.

4. Diet

It is very important to avoid pesticides or GMO, and to eliminate processed food. Try to increase the consumption of whole foods, and focus on a plant based diet. Moreover, make sure to eat with the seasons, meaning that you should eat warm food in winter and cooling foods in summer.

5. Dry brush in the morning

Dry brushing with a natural bristle brush can help you to move the lymph. It is very important to brush upwards on the arms and legs towards the heart by making circular movements.

6. Lots of red foods

Red foods such as cherries, pomegranates, beets, and cranberries are significantly useful for stimulating the lymph and cleansing the system.

7. Massages

Massages can stimulate the lymph up to the heart. They are also beneficial for reducing the stress which in most cases can cause the poor lymph flow.
8. Iodine

One of the common signs of improper lymph flow is low iodine. Iodine can promote toxin removal from the lymph, the main reason why you need to keep your iodine levels healthy.

9. Drink plenty of lukewarm water

Replace the sugary drinks with lukewarm, fluoride-free water. It can lubricate the lymph and allow it to flow easier.

Source:  Best Healthy Guide


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