The Amazing Reasons Why Should We Eat Radishes Everyday

These little spring balls with a bitter taste and red color are a great ally of health and should be eaten while available in the markets. The radish comes from Asia, where it has been grown and eaten for 3,000 years.the-amazing-reasons-why-should-we-eat-radishes-everyday

Its red color comes from the pigment Anthocyanin.This substance is a powerful antioxidant, which keeps the cells of the body from decay and takes care for the health of the whole body.

Its bitter taste stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, because it is usually served as a salad or drink, or as an aperitif, which stimulates the appetite. Besides stimulating the work of the intestines, it is especially recommended for individuals who have problems with hard stools.

In a hundred grams of radish there are only 16 calories because most of its composition is water. No wonder that you can enjoy this bitter food even if you hold a diet. This type of vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, potassium and phosphoric acid, which give energy and boost the immune system.

During the years, the juice of fresh radish has been used for the treatment of bile, and later, it has been especially used in the secretion of mucus from the respiratory organs during seasonal diseases, bronchitis and flu. Some experts argue that, despite its antibacterial properties, it is a powerful weapon against cough and headache.

The radish contains substances that neutralize Bilirubin in the liver, since it is a great asset in the fight against jaundice. In addition, it is excellent groceries for encouraging spring detoxification- whether you eat it raw, you drink a prepared juice or add it in complex potions for clearing up the pilled up toxins in the body.

Attention: Due to the bitterness of the radish, large amounts are not recommended to people who have sensitive mucosa of the stomach and diseases like ulcers or kidney diseases.


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