The 28-Day Planking Challenge You Must Try!

Performing 4-minutes plank exercise a day can help you to get incredibly fit and healthy body.

This 28-day plank challenge will improve your strength and build your body’s endurance.

How to do the Plank Exercise?

Place your elbows under your shoulders and make sure to rest your weight on your forearms, and not on your hands.

Your body should form a straight line so you can avoid putting excessive pressure on your neck and back.

Make sure that your core is tightened and in focus.

Your legs should be spread out slightly, but try not to put pressure on your hips.

Engage your core, relax your body and do not forget to breathe slowly.

This exercise provides benefits for your entire body:

  • It tones and tightens your stomach muscles.
  • It will increase your flexibility by working your back muscles and shoulders
  • It will give you a proper body posture and stance by toning your abs.

You should perform this plank exercise for a period of 4 weeks.

Here’s the 28-day plank exercise plan. Firstly, you start in the plank position for 20 seconds then gradually increase until you get to 4 minutes:

Day 1:     20 seconds

Day 2:     20 seconds

Day 3:     30 seconds

Day 4:     30 seconds

Day 5:     40 seconds

Day 6: Rest day

Day 7:     45 seconds

Day 8:     45 seconds

Day 9:     60 seconds

Day 10:   60 seconds

Day 11:   60 seconds

Day 12:   90 seconds

Day 13: Rest day

Day 14:   90 seconds

Day 15:   90 seconds

Day 16: 120 seconds

Day 17: 120 seconds

Day 18: 150 seconds

Day 19: Rest day

Day 20: 150 seconds

Day 21: 150 seconds

Day 22: 180 seconds

Day 23: 180 seconds

Day 24: 210 seconds

Day 25: Rest day

Day 26: 210 seconds

Day 27: 240 seconds

Day 28: Try holding for longer than 240 seconds as much as you can

The video below will show you how to properly do the plank. You can try this challenge even today and you will be amazed by the results!

Source: Healthy Food House


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