Tasty And Healthy: Consume a Glass Of Tomato Juice Every Day!

Tomatoes are known for their medical use for the body, but did you know that the tomato juice is equally healthy?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It contains a range of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, and minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Apart from these vitamins and minerals being good for health, but they have a great contribution to the skin and hair as well.

If you choose to drink tomato juice, experts advise that it is better to do it by yourself at home from fresh fruit, than to buy the finished product.

Namely, lycopene that is found in the juice reduces the risk of prostate cancer, and fibers are great for the health of the colon.

In addition, tomato juice regulates digestion, regardless whether it is hard or soft stool, and maintains healthy levels of cholesterol.

The antioxidants present in tomato juice help in the fight against diabetes, asthma and heart disease.



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