Take These Leaves and Burn Them in the Center of the House. Every Problem Will Be Gone After 10 Minutes

Before you keep reading this article, we would like to ask you something. Do you know that ancient Greeks and Romans praised bay leaves? This herb was considered sacred.

Bay leaves have been used as an alternative medicine for centuries.

Moreover, the winner of the Olympiad wears a laurel wreath on the head, as a symbol of honor and glory. This only confirms the fact that laurel was quite important in the past.

You may use it as a spice, but bay leaves and its berries come packed with a healthy portion of healthy compounds.

Pinene and cineol are the most effective active compounds in bay leaves.

Essential oils in bay leaves have an amazing soothing effects. Chew the leaves to release their psychoactive substances.

The power of bay leaves is described in many myths and legends. Have you heard the myth of the oracle of Delphi. They literally chewed the leaves to predict the future. As mentioned before, bay leaves soothe both your body and mind.

How to relieve stress and anxiety with the help of bay leaves

Burn a bay leaf in your ashtray, and let it burn for 10 minutes. It will release its fragrances. Enjoy its relaxing and soothing effect.

Bay leaf infusions help in soothing stomach ulcers, colic pain, ahem, and flatulence. Bay leaves are used as natural insect repellent. Some use it to treat arthritis, muscle pain, and symptoms of flu.

Now that you know the power of these leaves, you can start using it today. Remember, it is the leaves that Olympic champions wore after winning a discipline.

Bay leaves provide antiseptic anti-rheumatic, diuretic, sedative, and antioxidant properties. It boosts mood, and you can its leaves and berries to hysteria, neurasthenia, and stomach flu.

Source: Healthy Habit365


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