Simple Candida Home Test – Find Out Do You Have Candida

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, low libido, frequent and sudden changes in mood, poor concentration or have a weakened immune system, perhaps there is a high probability that the level of candida in your body is increased.simple-candida-home-test-find-out-do-you-have-candida

Candida is caused by fungus Candida albicans (candida albicans), which is located in any body in the digestive tract, mouth, vagina, etc.. Like most other microorganisms, so do these fungi require their “safe haven” in our intestines, and the so-called good bacteria keep it under control. The problem occurs when the number of fungi in the digestive tract increases, as when the immunity is weakened. Diet can be of great help in keeping the number of the fungi under control. Given that sugar feeds it, it would be best to avoid sweets and sugar in any form.

Your meals should consist of 60 percent fresh vegetables, 20 percent protein (eggs, chicken, fish, soy and legumes), 10 percent complex carbohydrates (oats, whole grain wheat, beans and rice) and 10 percent fresh fruits. However, it would be desirable to avoid some fruits because of the large amount of sugar they contain.

You should choose probiotic yogurts between meals, which will take care and “settle” the good bacteria in your intestines.

Against Candida diet includes elimination of all products containing beer yeast, which would mean that you should give up your favorite combination of pizza and beer, as well as the white bread and baked goods and alcoholic beverages in general, sincee these products facilitate fungal breeding and increase the return of the infection. The same is true of lactose, so you should avoid milk and dairy products.

We share with you a simple, free and valid test whereby you can determine whether you have elevated levels of candida in your body. Learn how to recognize the symptoms that indicate its increased concentration.

Candida test:

  1. Before going to bed fill a glass with water and leave it by your bed.
  2. The next morning, immediately after you wake up, spit saliva into the water.
  3. Do not attempt to collect a large quantity of saliva, but spit as much as you have in the oral cavity after waking.
  4. Leave the glass for 15 minutes.
  5. If your saliva remained on the surface of the water or melted, the level of Candida in your body is normal. It is normal if there are bubbles of air in the water.
  6. If your saliva became blurry or there are visible traces in the form of bands that descend to the bottom of the water, or if saliva is collected at the bottom of the cup, there is a great possibility that you have increased levels of candida in your body.
  7. In this case, we suggest you seek professional advice from your doctor or try to solve the problem of Candida naturally.


Symptoms that indicate the overgrowth of candida in the body are: chronic fungal infections with symptoms of increased itching, tingling, or increased discharge, problems with digestion, bloating and gas, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and belching, allergies, sneezing, stuffy nose, chronic fatigue, symptoms of the nervous system such as anxiety, depression, irritability, poor memory and poor concentration and problems with menstruation and skin problems. The growth of Candida is increased when treatment with antibiotics, in case of weakened immune systems, after contraceptive use or hormone therapy and foods high in refined sugars.

Source: Healthy Food House


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