Shocking Story: Look What Has Solarium Use Done To This Woman!

When she published a selfie from her face destroyed due to skin cancer on the social networks, Tony Willoughby had no idea that she would become popular. We hope that you will learn a lot from her experience.shocking-story-look-what-has-solarium-use-done-to-this-woman

Tony Willoughby was just 21 when she looked at herself in the mirror and saw her face literally falling apart due to skin cancer. During high school days, she used solarium four to five times a week, because at that time she wanted to have “darker” tan.

However, the tanning addiction, or tanorexy, almost cost her life. “If someone needs extra motivation for not going to the solarium, here it is! Here is how skin cancer in the advanced stage looks like, “she wrote below her selfie which was seen by over hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook.

When she first visited a dermatologist, he discovered the dangerous cancer on her face. Now, on every six months, she has a medical checkup  and even six tumors from different subspecies have been removed until present day, writes British Mirror.

“Not all skin cancers originate from spots. Only one of my cancers occurred in a place of a spot. If you notice any questionable item, spot or stain on the skin, see your doctor immediately! If a persistent pimple just wouldn’t heal and is constantly bleeding and makes scars, go to the doctor! “, this young woman recounts her experience.

She was lucky that every treatment so far has been successful and now she’s married and a proud mother of a beautiful boy. But if she did not react on time, who knows how it would have ended.

“The sooner you discover what it is, the lower are the chances for the cancer to grow and metastasize deeper into the skin. The faster you respond, the smaller the scar will be. I’m sure you do not want to be ugly, and you do not want to be an additional number in the statistics of those who died due to skin cancer, “she says.

This nurse now has 27 years, does not leave her home without sunscreen cream, and detests the idea of solarium.

“Use various skin care creams and lotions, but if you want your tan to be darker that badly, use self tanners. You have only one skin, so save it! Learn from my mistakes. Do not let sunbathing become such an obsession that would make you miss the growth of your children. That is my biggest fear until present day, that I will not live to see my son grow up, “warns Tony.

We know that you are already tired from our warnings about how harmful sunbathing without protection and solarium can actually be. However, you must be aware that skin cancer is not something that happens to “someone else” but that you yourself can very easily be the next victim, so be careful!



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