She Put Garlic In Her Ear: Here Is What Happened The Next Morning

Garlic actually helps the ear to clean out accumulated mucus as it softens it.she-put-garlic-in-her-ear-here-is-what-happened-the-next-morning

Garlic is a noble natural antibiotic which has multiple purposes. You can eat it raw, and to avoid odor, wrap smaller piece of garlic in a bit of bread, and then swallow.

A clove of garlic can help you ease the painful inflammation of the ear. Simply place a clove of garlic in the ear, taking care to be on the surface. Sleep, and the next morning, the pain should completely disappear.

Garlic actually helps to cleanse the ear of accumulated secretions as it softens it. It also reduces the inflammation.

However, before you decide to try this method of treatment, we recommend that you consult your ENT specialist or seek advice from another doctor. Also, do not apply this method to children.


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