Scientists Confirmed: Coconut Oil Could Revert Alzheimer’s

Newest research and personal experience claim that coconut oil can reverse Alzheimer’s. Namely, after all kinds of conventional treatment had failed to help him, Dr. Mary Newport, found this amazing property of coconut oil and helped her husband who had a dwindling dysfunction from Alzheimer’s.scientists-confirmed-coconut-oil-could-revert-alzheimers

In this way, she rescued him from having to be put away in a special home.

This amazing personal experience quickly went viral, and in 2011-12, Dr. Newport wrote a bestseller, Alzheimer’s Disease: What if There Was a Cure?.

This book, along with the Internet’s coverage, initiated a major international movement of people who themselves suffered from dementia in the early stages, or just brain fog and senior moments, or people who were helping their relatives diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This stimulated numerous reports and testimonial videos on the theme.

Apart from the success of this movement, the conventional medicine would not confirm the beneficial potential of coconut oil in the case of Alzheimer’s or any type of dementia.

Moreover, coconut oil is not even recommended by the Alzheimer’s Association and other similar groups as an optional treatment, only because there are no peer reviewed studies.

Yet, only recently, a peer-reviewed study has been published which also suggests that coconut oil can provide amazing effects in the case of these diseases.


This Spanish clinical trial included Alzheimer’s patients of varying ages and genders, with and without diabetes diagnosis, in order to examine whether the consumption of coconut oil had any effect on reducing their Alzheimer’s mental dysfunction.

The fact that it has been conducted in Spain tells a lot about its success. Namely, Spain and other EU nations and Middle Eastern nations, like Israel, have fewer restrictions with the subject of the research without pharmaceutical funding. For instance, Spain and Israel have done numerous important human studies and research on the medical applications of cannabis.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network


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