Revolutionary Procedure: How To Make Alkaline Water And Get Rid Of Toxins And Prevent The Occurrence Of Cancer?

Do you drink bottled water when you are thirsty? To grab the bottle and just drink the water is quite easy, but the chemicals that enter your body are seriously harmful.revolutionary-procedure-how-to-make-alkaline-water-and-get-rid-of-toxins-and-prevent-the-occurrence-of-cancer

Everyone needs water to hydrate the body to maintain its function. Our bodies consist of 70 to 80 percent water, so, water is primarily needed for our survival. Bottled water is extremely easy to find – It is always at hand even when we are in motion, for example, when going to work.

However, the chemicals found in bottled water, and even in tap water too, can be very harmful to our health.

If you drink alkaline water, it will provide a high level of hydration, and numerous other health benefits.

  1. Antioxidant properties: Alkaline water is an antioxidant that can resist free radicals which can cause premature aging and other adverse conditions. Also, it is believed that if you drink alkaline water, you can prevent the occurrence of cancer.
  2. Characteristics of purification: Alkaline water cleans the organs in the body, especially the colon. When the colon is filled with toxins, they become poisonous for our body, and alkaline water cleans precisely these toxins from the body. If you keep the colon clean and free of toxins, you will reduce the chances of getting stomach viruses, colds and other related diseases.
  3. Physical appearance: Alkaline water rejuvenates the skin and keeps it hydrated. It helps the skin tissue and contributes to the elasticity of the skin. Drinking alkaline water also helps to get rid of excess weight as it helps the body to break down fatty acids in the body.

So, drinking alkaline water brings great advantages, but if you purchase it, it can be quite expensive. Instead of the bottled alkaline water, you can prepare it by yourself. Try to use this recipe to prepare your own, homemade, alkaline water.


  • Full container of filtered water (2L)
  • Two organic lemons
  • Two tablespoons- pink Himalayan salt


In the container with filtered water, add the lemons, previously carefully cut in quarters (without pressing them).

Add salt (it will mineralize your alkaline water).

Let the mixture stand overnight at room temperature.

Your alkaline water is ready for drinking! Enjoy!


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