Recommended Diet For Breastfeeding Mothers

What foods are recommended for breastfeeding mothers?recommended-diet-for-breastfeeding-mothers

One of the important things for nursing mothers is to drink sufficient quantities of fluids: water, yogurt and milk, light herbal teas, soups, fresh squeezed juices.

Alcoholic beverages should be omitted, and the coffee and black and green tea should be minimized. As recommended mothers should consume three servings of dairy products throughout the day and especially enriched with vitamin E (1 serving = 250 ml milk or yogurt = 80 grams of low-fat cheese = 50 g cheese)

They consume a variety of fruits and vegetables in different colors, and to avoid foods that cause bloating: beans, lentils, soybeans, peanuts.

Nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) and seeds (flax, sunflower, pumpkin seeds) should be consumed daily.

They should also have sufficient quantities of meat and fish, especially sardines.

Breastfeeding mothers should consume foods that are sources of carbohydrates on a daily basis: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. However, they need to avoid foods containing trans- fats as fatty pastries, cookies, snacks, crackers.

Most drugs pass into the milk, so it is mandatory to consult your doctor before drinking any medication.


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