Raw Manuka Honey – The Wonder Of New Zealand

The Manuka honey is thousands of years old. A originates from New Zealand, where the indigenous population it still preparing tonics and beverages from it. It is a honey produced by bees from the flower to the tree Manuka (Lat. Leptospermum scoparium).raw-manuka-honey-the-wonder-of-new-zealand

This honey is known for its exceptional antibacterial properties, that unlike other types of honey, are not destroyed by dilution, or when exposed to sunlight or heat.

It is believed that this effect is due to several factors -- high concentration of medicinal ingredients, low water content, low acidity and the presence of specific therapeutic compounds ofthe flowers of the Manuka.

It is efficient at moderate and severe infections, when antibiotics no longer act, it helps with burns, instantly relieves pain with wounds and their recovery, and is good with ulcers as well. When this honey is applied to the wound, it collects the water and dries it, and the antimicrobial substances destroy microorganisms that can infect the wound. It is efficient since it goes deep into the skin.

It is particularly useful for low immunity, and has been used in skin and hair care because it moisturises and restores.

It can be of great help in case of other problems, like -- eczema, dermatitis, acne, fungal infections, inflammation, asthma and allergies, rashes and ulcers, anemia, digestive problems.

Not all Manuka honey is made equally. Depending on the season and the origin, the active substances in them differ. New Zealand has the highest quality honey.

Orally, it is consumed a spoonful every hour. Manuka honey, in addition to being used as any other honey for consumption and medication, can be used for cooking too.

However, this honey cannot be uses by people who are allergic to bee products and children younger than one year.
Not all Manuka honey is balmy, only the honey labeled UMF is used to cure and treat various health problems.



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